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40000Yuan European luxury lucky draw meet with you7Month1
Beijiang landmark【Goldengulf luxurious take】New upgrade5Period118-177?Jiang Jinglou king7Month19-20The day was signed,4880Yuan/?Up【For details】
Miniature horse is actually more like a collective carnivalparty08/07
Taste,Choose the place07/04
summe,We have air conditioning hereWIFIAnd iced coke06/21
19Over the years,How it is witness of the residential development of the city?06/19
Guangzhou metropolitan area planning is coming,Qingyuan or will join“Second-tier cities”05/27
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Guangdong Qingyuan
Entrants in guangdong development co., LTD in qingyuan has built the earliest at that time…
Entrants extension period of real estate development、Property company、
Financial investment…
The latest recruitment information is as follows:'

Address:The city new city jin xia road6Number
The phone:0763-3308866
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